Marketing Research Proposal Template

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Unfortunately, a proposal is a bit like writing a high-school essay, it’s not your favorite thing to do, but you have to do it.

You might be completely clueless about where to start, what to write, or even why previous proposals haven’t worked.

But while writing proposals is an unfortunate fact of life, it doesn’t have to be such a pain.

You can take steps to make writing and submitting proposals as easy as possible. By creating a proposal writing system, you can reduce the amount of time and effort you spend on each proposal, while still churning out top-quality proposals that land you the clients you deserve.

Now let’s say you took the first problem statement, and made it look like this?

ABC Company has seen a marked increase in the number of online competitors over the past two years.In this example, the marketer goes over the prospect's marketing goals, explains the skills and services required, but does nothing to explain the results and significance of those services.Importantly, it doesn’t describe why a marketing campaign to generate 1,000,000 new clicks would benefit the business in the first place.This marketing research proposal template can be downloaded at a very low price especially for subscribers.This is helpful for market researchers in presenting data regarding market size and trends.You may be bidding on a PPC & SEO campaign to generate X number of clicks, but that’s not why the client is hiring a marketer.In fact, the number of clicks probably isn’t the issue at all.Any marketing proposal should contain the following five elements, regardless of the complexity or length of the project.The client’s issues are typically more complex than the listed required services and it is your job to figure out what they are.In fact, you’d much rather send out your marketing agreement and start creating high conversion content for your clients. And landing the best clients, the biggest names, and the best pay, means writing proposals and doing it well.You have to market yourself before you can market them.


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