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It boils down to this: You should have the money conversation if marriage is where your relationship is headed.

It boils down to this: You should have the money conversation if marriage is where your relationship is headed.

According to a recent survey by Forbes Woman and Your Tango, 75 percent of women would not marry someone who is unemployed, while 65 percent would not marry someone if they themselves were unemployed.

On the other hand, 91 percent of women surveyed say they would marry for love and not money.

Money, not love, is the glue that keeps couples together. But if you hang in there with me I think you’ll see exactly why money is more important than love . Anytime you do something just for the money you are going to feel empty and unsatisfied. And I’m not saying that having a lot of money will make your relationship successful either.

Based on my own personal and professional experience I feel very strongly about that. No amount of money in the world can guarantee that. I’m talking about the agreements you have with your partner about finance (how money works and what it’s for).

There is a lot at stake when it comes to money and your relationship.

My experience tells me that you can never be happy with another person if there is wide disagreement on money and/or disconnects between shared values and actions.

Until you fix what’s broken, the problem isn’t going to disappear. Either way, you are being unfair to each other because you are both stuck. That’s because, to some extent, money provides those things.

And as long as there is a basic structural fault in your financial foundation, you are walking on very thin ice. Take the time to listen to how your other half thinks and feels about money.

This may take weeks, months, years or decades to manifest but it absolutely will happen sooner or later.

I know this sounds harsh but only because it’s true.


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