Marriage Without Love Essay

Such marriages sometimes result in sectarian violence.

According to Egyptian law, a man from another religion must convert to Islam to marry a Muslim woman.

The only way to make a marriage work is – curiously – not to expect everything from it.

Some of the happiest marriages have been between people who knew that they would, despite their best intentions, make each other a little bit miserable sometimes.

In Egypt, love marriages, especially interfaith marriages, are generally considered socially unacceptable.

Interfaith marriages are often seen as a tactic to recruit members from other religions.It is filled with suggestions on coping with the monumental challenges that any couple will face as they build a life together. It’s associated with failure, it’s usually what gets in the way of better things.Love is ultimately not just a feeling but a skill that has to be learnt. A solution to our agitation and the bedrock of every good marriage therefore lies in a curious area: with a philosophy of (lightly-worn) pessimism. But when it comes to marriage, a touch of pessimism is one of the guarantors of success.Initially, love marriages occurred between acceptable communities.The boundaries between the two types have started to blur.It is also very difficult to involve in romantic relationship and/or to find a life partner by one's own will.The society largely relies on the arranged marriage system.Rousseau's book, Julie, is about the titular character and her tutor St. According to Coontz, the marriages between Anglo-Saxons were organised to establish peace and trading relationships.In the 11th century, marriages were organised on the basis of securing economics advantages or political ties. But it’s the continuation of marriage that is – of course – the real challenge and here we are too often left on our own.This essay is The School of Life’s guide to the rest of a life together, containing twenty central ideas on how to make a relationship work over decades beyond the wedding day.


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