Mary Maloney Lamb To The Slaughter Essay

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The murder weapon was a frozen leg of lamb, which she cooked and ironically served to the policemen, who came by her house to conduct the preliminary investigations.The two lead characters in the story are Mary and Patrick Maloney, a married couple who are not very high up the social ladder since they are a single income family with Patrick being the breadwinner and Mary a housewife.

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She obviously dotes on him and has adopted a servile attitude.

There is no mention of her having friends or family in the story, so her world naturally revolves around Patrick.

Another minute of dark temper every bit good as dramatic sarcasm is when one of the police officers says “Personally.

” It’s good story because she calls him cognizing he is dead.

The husband may have taken it too far by refusing to eat, leading her into a fit of rage that culminated in the murder.

Her pregnancy made matters worse because her husband’s rejection was not only being directed at her but to their unborn child.

It is the type of mouth one would expect to never utter a vindictive or disgusting word, and eyes which convey innocence and trust, like those of a young child: There is, however, a slight hint of some malevolence in the description of her eyes as being 'darker than before.' This, up to now, suppressed element of her nature, later shockingly comes to the fore when she murders Patrick, creates an alibi, has the investigators eat the evidence, and then giggles about it.

Mary is clearly a devoted, loving wife, who literally spends more than a fair portion of her day anticipating and preparing for her husband's arrival from work.

sarcasm can besides be noted and it truly creates the sinister tone for the narrative.

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