Master Thesis Empirical Finance

Master Thesis Empirical Finance-13
Courses: 306 hours of teaching between september and march with 180 hours during the first term and 126 hours during second term.

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To ensure equal conditions for all students, I only discuss the detailed topic immediately before the official registration at the examinations office (maximum 1-2 weeks).

In the following, I would briefly like to comment on my expectations and the general requirements for a successful thesis.

The job of the supervisor is to support you, but not to make the crucial decisions on your behalf.

I want to stress that it is very important to me that you take responsibility for what you do.

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It covers topics in asset pricing, corporate finance, and market microstructure.These numbers could be either derived from theory (i.e., you build and solve a model, calibrate the model to data) or from an empirical analysis (i.e., you gather data and test hypotheses).Obviously, this involves briefly surveying the relevant literature, but I do not appreciate pure literature work.From my experience, it is not a good idea to pick an empirical topic if you have never taken a proper econometrics class before.Just as a simple example for those interested in empirical work: Do you know what a heteroscedasticity- and autocorrelation-consistent standard error is? In addition, you have to know how you can utilize academic software packages (e.g., Stata for regressions, Matlab for large numerical computations, and La Te X for academic typesetting) to run your analysis effectively and efficiently.Part of the course consists of the practical application of the methods learned in the lecture to various case studies.Learning Outcomes: Organisation The course consists of a weekly lecture and four exercise sessions that deal with the application of the contents of the lecture in various case studies.Financial research is predominantly quantitative in nature.So I want you to put numbers behind your arguments.The master thesis is an orginal piece of work by the student, doing empirical research using applied econometrics in the field of money, banking and finance.The master thesis is supervised by one professor with intermediate seminars and final thesis presentation in front of the supervisor and a second professor in the last week of may.


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