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Hence, the speed of ham before the collision is evaluated using the energy conservation principle.In the inelastic collision, momentum is conserved but the kinetic energy is not conserved, because of this conservation momentum is used.

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Liniar momentum is the same before and after collision.

m*V1 =(m M)*V2 V2 = m V1/(m M) =0.3*2.215/(0.3 0.4) =0.949 m/s Now the initial kinetic energy of the masses sping = potential energy at maximum apmlitude (m M)*v^2/2 = k*A^2/2 A = v*sqrt[(m M)/k) =0.0561 m= 5.61 cm Period of oscillation is T = 2*pi*sqrt((m M)/k) =0.3717 seconds The concept of the conservation of momentum in inelastic collision, potential energy of the spring-mass system and conservation of energy principle.

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Later, use the energy conservation principle and equate initial kinetic energy of spring-mass system equals to the potential energy of spring at maximum amplitude.

Finally, use the expression of period of oscillation for spring-mass system.You may assume thatthe collision time is extremely small.What is the amplitude of oscillation A of the scale after the slices of ham land on the plate?You will get the coaching services you need and not just settle on hints and suggestions; you will surely receive the premium assistance you need anytime and anywhere.You can contact us wherever you need, and we will be always glad to help you.For lunch you and your friends decide to stop at the nearest deli and have a sandwich made fresh for you with 0.300 kg of Italian ham.The slices of ham are weighed ona plate of mass 0.400 kg placed atop a vertical spring of negligible mass and force constant of 200 N/m.Whether you are a college level or high school seeking to get top-notch natural science tutorial, we offer you fast and hassle free academic assistance.Save time and money by working with our team of experts that will surely exceed your expectations.Express your answer numerically in meters and take free-fall acceleration to be g = 9.80 m/s^2.speed of ham before colission is V1= sqrt(2*g*H) = sqrt(2*9.81*0.25) =2.215 m/s The collision is inelastic.


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