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It may be different in elementary school, but in middle school, there are so many standards to teach I am happy if the students can solve the problem using one method.

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You can get a free version of the problem solving organizer here.

My biggest take-away from being back in a regular class last year was that until I know what my students know I need to assume that they don't know what I assume they should know. I don't think you should always model math concepts first but in this case I wanted to teach them the problem solving process and I wanted them to do it my way.

The strategies that they use to solve the problem - that's all them - but my students needed this scaffold until they internalized the process. Explain to your students that mathematicians use an organized process to record their thinking when solving problems and that today they are going to learn how to use a problem solving graphic organizer.

This will help them to organize their thinking in a way that will make it easier for others to understand and will help them to slow down and think deeply about the problem that they are required to solve.3.

Use the graphic organizer and model how you would solve this problem. Split students up into groups of four and give them the first box of the problem solving graphic organizer.

My students always want to jump in at this point and help solve it, which is great, but encourage them to just listen and absorb. I would enlarge this onto 11x14 paper so that group members can see and to facilitate sharing later on.

8 would be two groups of 4 or 4 groups of 2) My concerns would be monitoring during group activity to make sure everyone in the group is participating and not just relying on one person to do the work.

It is great how these students are working, but is it realistic to have the students solve the same problem three different ways?

Lovie Harris The video I selected was Persistence in Problem Solving This video related to micro-credential with ways to allow students to explain how they came up with an answer to a math problem.

They had to show three ways and by showing three ways they could see if all three ways allowed them to get the same answer which would boost their confidence in problem solving or show if a mistake was made.


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