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Winner of multiple Madrona Venture prizes for innovation, Gabe is co-founder of SNUPI Technologies, which sells the Wally Home sensor, built around his graduate work on ultra-low-power wireless sensor networks.

Gabe has a Ph D in Electrical Engineering from the U.

Scott has a Ph D in Computer Science from the University of Washington.

Greg is a 20 year veteran of Microsoft, shipping products like Visual Fox Pro and serving as software development lead for the Windows, Office, SQL Server, and Visual Studio ADO components.

Signal processing and machine learning allow us to make sense of the raw signals, from determining fundamental measurements to extracting actionable insights and long term patterns.

Finally, wearable design, from the embedded system development and hardware to the final fit and finish, allows us to combine all of this into an ergonomic, wearable package.

To make this vision a reality, we’re leveraging our key areas of technical expertise.

Novel sensors and sensor technologies are essential to monitoring cardiovascular signals effectively in ambulatory settings.

In addition, technologies from the lab have been adopted by international standards bodies such as MPEG4 (error-resilient video transmission), IETF (TCP/IP header compression), and ITU/ISO (video-compression technology).

MSR Asia cooperates with many universities in Asian countries, mainly through Joint Laboratories.


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