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There is no need to try and portray yourself as being more talented than Kevin, the kid from . Explain how your unique skills, qualifications and work experiences make you an ideal candidate to be considered for this apprenticeship.Below is an example of how to explain what relevant skills you can bring as an apprentice.

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You should be, they are a marvellous way of starting a career. Degree apprentices are employed full-time, earning a competitive salary, as they work towards a full bachelor’s degree on the side! The fundamental aim of a cover letter is to persuade a recruiter to read your CV, and eventually invite you to a face-to-face interview.

Apprenticeships are available in 1500 job roles, covering more than 170 industries. A cover letter should not be an overload of information, of why you are a perfect candidate for an apprenticeship.

You will see something along the lines of…They will then forward your CV and cover letter to the relevant person.

Although your cover letter may not reach the recruiter immediately, they will recognise the effort you have put in trying to find the correct recipient.

Do this, and you should be fine; in apprenticeship cover letters and in life. It doesn’t exactly get the heart racing, like Jenga does.

However, the heart of your application is in the second and third paragraphs (Steps 3 & 4).

An apprenticeship cover letter shouldn’t be the cause of so much distress.

If you address your letter to John, or to Steve, and the person who is reading it is called Barbara, you’re in trouble. Addressing an apprenticeship cover letter to the wrong person suggests you haven’t done any research of the company.

This is an opportune moment to mention company values.

Begin this paragraph with something like…Here, you have demonstrated that you know and understand the vision and values of the company.


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