Most Prized Possession Essay

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There are also people who are possessive about their specific body parts that attract others.

These prized possessions become a source of pride, self-esteem, and confidence to them.

This question may make some of you think of your latest gizmos, mobiles, laptops, cars, jewelry, and so on.

Mostly our prized possessions are materialistic objects.

You start valuing your relationships as you grow up and your focus of possession becomes more abstract than material.

You may also find people who are possessive about the recognitions they get from the community, their status, and titles that they add to their names. However, if you observed, most possessions that we consider as special are related to our mental qualities and recollections.I keep some notes that I wrote as a teenager and get nostalgic when I read them.It takes me back in the past and makes me marvel at the development of my thoughts and identity.However, the fact is that your mind and memory are the two prized possessions you have without which you cannot function normally.Let’s learn what happens when you lose what you consider as your most prized possession.They are not just material objects but have a symbolic significance that often change your mood, make you feel good or sentimental, or even inspire or motivate you.My wife, Harleena, treasures the things passed on to her by her mother, of which some were passed on to her mother – by her mother.They need not be new, as your treasured possession could also be an old object, even an antique or ancestral object.Of course, that is the default thinking everyone has, myself included.It takes lots of time to recover from this loss, but eventually you get back to your life.You can re-acquire things, rebuild relationships, restructure your specific body parts, and re-work to earn name and fame.


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