Music And Culture Essay

In addition, creole language is commonly used in Haiti’s drama, music, literature and arts. Their art work is popular worldwide as a result of its unique design and appealing colors.

The Haitian culture features the Spanish, American as well as the French music.

The religion does not feature any know theology or any organized hierarchy.

It however contains its own rituals, ceremonies as well as alters that its followers do not regard to contradict the Catholics norms.

Goat, chicken, beef and fish are the main sources of meat in Haiti, whereas carrots, cabbages, peppers as well as tomatoes are the chief vegetables in Haitian foods. The dish is commonly served during family ceremonies as well as during parties.

The dish is prepared by first soaking cubes of pork in sour orange marinade which are then slow-roasted until they become tender.

Haitian music is characterized by beating of drum which is considered by Haitian as a very essential musical instrument.

Compas or kompa Direk is the most common Haitian music worldwide.

Another similar festival that is common in Haiti is the Mardi-Gras or Ash Wednesday festival.

The festival is noted by its fantastic parades that consist of pageants, masked balls, floats as well as elaborate costumes and seductive music.


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