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In fact it is about combining two of the most lovable things on the list of students: Before I guide you as to how to come up with a cooperative playlist for your homework I’d like to make it clear that music and homework go alongside only when it involves written tasks.

If you have quiz and you need to memorize books, music is strictly forbidden because contrary to popular conception human brain cannot multitask.

Doctor Emma Gray, a clinical psychologist in Britain, says, “If you choose the right music for the topic you are revising, it may stimulate learning and enhance concentration.” She also stated that,” Music can put you in a better frame of mind to learn.

Indeed, students who listen to music can actually do better than those who don’t.” (Teo, 2013).

Pandora has an "Electronica for Studying" station that is pretty good, and as well, I like a bunch of the stuff over at /r/chillstep. Try a bunch of things out and figure out what you like.

If I listen to anything it will probably be classical music; many times I do work without anything playing.The rhythm of the piece, whether it is fast or slow, causes the listener’s heartbeat to synch with it (How Music Affects Our Mood, 2014). In some studies, test subjects show that the louder the music the more distracted the subjects became (Manthei, 2014).Doctor Emma Gray, a clinical psychologist in Britain, says, “If you choose the right music for the topic you are Introduction In recent years it’s become noticeable that students are using all different forms of music to help them while studying or doing homework.Neurologists and behavioral analysts have proven that music tends to enhance the brain activity and lighten the human moods.Doing homework requires concentration and motivation both of which can easily be attained by music. This article is about not about those usual boring lectures on the importance of doing homework on time.This could be interpreted in several ways, but more particularly, I mean what music helps you best concentrate when thinking hard about 'deep' math (opposed to slamming out a problem set).For me, it depends on what kind of math I'm doing.Music is supposed to act as a background support item in doing written homework so always makes such a playlist which can help you concentrate.Your ultimate goal should be to sync the songs to your moods and pace them with your homework deadlines.Music is supposed to eliminate noise from your brain and help you out your thoughts together so you might need to make more than one playlists.Most of the kids find this homework therapy really helpful in building their stamina.


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