Music Is My Life Essay

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Whatever kind of music that I heard, it always gives joy and entertainment to me.Without music, my life would be soulless and bored. It can be heard by anybody either young or older at anytime and anywhere.Some people like to write in what they feel in a diary and others may be like to share heart to heart with other person such as their close friends or family.

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We not only can hear music from radio, television or MP3 player, but we can also make our own music.

Other people may define music as entertainment tools but for me, it is more than that.

Secondly, music is the way I can expressed my feelings and emotions.

Different people will have different way to express their feeling.

If I’m stress, I will heard techno genre and if I sad, I prefer to listen to soothing music.

Besides listening to music, sometimes I sing a song or write a song in order to express my feeling.

After that, I automatically will become comfort and satisfy with myself.

For me, music indicates a situation, an incident and a personality. For me, music is the most comforting soul especially when there’s no one around to comfort me. Third, music helps me a lot in the process of learning in my daily life.

For me, music contains all the emotions and sentiments of life.

I listen to different types of music for different moods.


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