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Sita as an ideal wife, was the follower of Rama in all his joys and sorrows.

Sita as an ideal wife, was the follower of Rama in all his joys and sorrows.

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He has sent this book by Messenger, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). There is so many amazing inventions of science has been guided by the Holy Quran.

Lots of scientists in the world has been accepted this book as the best book ever for the human race.

The story of these books amazed me, I was thrilled and it was a real feeling for me. There are so many great books in the world is written by so many writers.

The book is really thrilling; you will love every single angle and concept of the story. Daniel has magic in his writing because there is suspense every time that you will love to find a solution. But the Quran is a holy book that is from the Almighty Allah. It is full of science, politics, social things and many more knowledgeable things.

The book brings out how Gandhiji awakened the sleeping Indians with his moral force and aroused in them a love for liberty. He believed that politics should be tempered with morality. It is very easy to read books but it is difficult to select a book for reading purpose. Whatever we do, it should be done out of a high sense of duty.

The book also points out Gandhiji’s own weaknesses. I like this book because it has proved a turning point in my life. It remains one of the most precious treasures of mankind. Every sentence of this book has a touch of sincerity. In order to do our duties properly, Bhagawad Gita tells us, we should rise above the pains of opposites. We should not care for gains and losses, pleasures and pains. Bhagawad Gita does not tell us to renounce the world for Godly pursuits but instructs to be more active in the worldly affairs but not be involved himself in the love of this world.

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