My Favourite Weather Winter Essay

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Birds are not the only animals that come out though. You can go downtown and see them for a short period of time and it is a huge tourist attraction. Talking about a beautiful color, in spring they are pink, red, and white and incredibly delicate.So many others come out and run around and it is nice to see more wildlife in the spring. One of the favorite things to do in the spring is hike.The best thing about spring to me is all of the colors.

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The burst of color is especially nice after winter which seems to always have no color.

It is such a nice time of year to go out and garden and plant many different things to bloom.

Outside it was extremely cold and foggy Nothing was visible clearly. With difficulty, I boarded a bus, but the driver also found it difficult to drive.

11387 views By Hannah Curran | [email protected] is a pretty miserable season in my opinion.

Kat / Germany My favorite season is winter, because there's a lot of snow, and it's cold outside, and it's just beautiful.

You can sit on your balcony and drink a beer and barbecue. My least favorite then obviously is winter, because the sun goes down early, you can't go on your balcony and relax, it's freezing cold, and it's just not an enjoyable season at all.

I spent little time in the market and rushed back home.

The sun appeared in the afternoon but gave no comfort. My mother called me to leave the quilt and get ready to go out to buy some items in the market. I found people sitting around the fire to get some warmth.

In the spring all of the birds come out as well and it is nice to wake up to the birds chirping.

When I was younger I would build treehouses and hang them in the spring for all the birds to come eat and sit on it.


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