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Then I’d start serving people, I’d start proving myself that being a police officer is not all about being brave, showing off, and other negative comments of the critiques.

I’d love to be an example or a role model as well that indicates the good qualities as a servant of people but not as an underdog of the government.

This wasn’t easy for us because he’s not really being attentive to us and sometimes he doesn’t really cared at all but in that young age of mine, I know that my mother’s decision was not displeasing, but all she knew that my father can gave us the life that she can’t give.

It wasn’t easy for me to understand those kinds of things that time because I was just a kid then for Pete’s sake!

But my biological mother helped me to understand things every time I’m having a hard time making up things on my mind and in that early age, I can say I am awaken in a world where I always understood and trying hard to understand things the way they were and I’ve been trying hard to act normal and accept those things in my life for the sake of my mother and sister and also for my future.

Before she left and went far from us, she advised us to stay kind, to always obey to what our father’s telling us to do, to join his other families nicely, and lastly to pursue and continue our studies for we won’t have hard times in making a living in the near future.

I grew in a world of aspiration of a father’s love and care.

I was an eight-year-old kid that time when my mother decided to waive her rights as being our mother.

I’d start thinking of things that can help to change the image of my fellow police departments.

I know that this thing that I want to do is hard to accomplish but I’ve been dreaming of it since then.


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