Nature And Nurture Essay

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He has become a renowned name in the business world; many people didn't expect a dyslexic boy to become a 'leading world emperor'.

Intellectual Branson is dyslexic and nearsighted; he wasn't seen as a very bright boy, his disabilities made it difficult for his teachers to recognise his aspirations and drive.

The nature aspect of the debate relates to the biological approach within psychology, this covers areas such as; genetics, biochemistry and brain structure.

Research has been conducted into these areas in order to prove the greater influence of nature.

D1 evaluate how nature and nurture may affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of two stages of the development of an individual 1) You will then evaluate the possible effects of genetic inheritance and the environment discussing the role of nature and nurture in influencing development.

It is very unlikely that you will be able to find any useful information about your person's genetics or indeed enough information about their environmental circumstances to make statements or judgements about the specific role of these factors in the person's life.

The case study of Mrs Went who had a male reproductive system and a male sex centre in the brain was raised as a female and continued to live her life as a female.

These decisions to live as male or female were able to be made despite the structural differences in the brain.

For example, two children may be born with a similar high predisposition to a condition; the environment which the children are in will be the deciding factor in the development of the condition - an environmental trigger. Conclusion There are case studies where biology has been the stronger influence over nurture.

Imperato - Mc Ginley's study into the Batista boys found that they were born as females but when they reached puberty their reproductive organs changed to male.


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