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In other words, our national effort to reduce gun violence has been an extraordinary success. No serious gun-rights advocate argues that the Second Amendment protects unregulated gun ownership, of course. For example, universal background-check requirements are almost certainly constitutional.

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However, the critical assumption behind their argument—that humanity is the problem—leaves them without the principles with which to defend human life from genocide and murder.

When deer are overpopulated, people hunt them, yet Kristof would most likely not endorse hunting people to eliminate what he believes is the cause of so many problems. There is something intrinsically sacred and good about human life that requires humanity to respect it. In India, where 75 percent of the population lives on less than $2 a day, he created an affordable tablet computer to empower the poorest person in the nation.

If one accepts the overpopulation argument, however, babies and unborn children are far from the worst threat to the planet.

The majority of world population growth comes from the increased life expectancy of the world population, yet population control advocates do not support the end of medical research or medicine.

First, Kristof fails to note that we do, in fact, already work to keep guns out of dangerous hands.

We have a background-check system that regulates the vast majority of gun sales and a labyrinth of criminal and civil laws designed to prohibit violent and unstable Americans from ownin guns.Having lost to two straw men, Kristof proceeds to make a puzzling argument about suicides.He addresses the claim that suicides “are not about guns” like this: Actually, that’s not true.When the belief that all human life is good is removed, how does one distinguish between who should live and who should not when reducing the world’s population? Kristof and all others who blame the world’s problems on overpopulation failed to celebrate the death of Steve Jobs or Mother Theresa, most likely because of their contributions to the world. With the computer, millions of students will have access to an education and the tools to escape poverty.For a different perspective, look no further than Anne Frank. Perhaps they could exercise some humility and recognize the potential and beauty that lies within each human person, born and unborn. Instead of blaming poverty on people, he sought a way use the human potential of each person not only to end poverty but also to create prosperity.Everything from poverty to terrorism is the result of “youth bulges” and “booming populations.” To solve the growing problem of overpopulation, Kristof and his allies argue for “the birth control solution” and ensuring “the protection of reproductive rights.” The United Nations even went so far as to pressure Ireland and nations around the world to legalize abortion as a “human right.” The right to life, it seems, no longer applies when babies threaten the world.When the “solution to many of the global problems that confront us” is to reduce the number of people on the planet, the assumption is that population is the major cause of global problems.Second, he fails to mention that American gun violence is down 49 percent since its peak.The victimization rate for other firearm crimes dropped by a whopping 75 percent between 19.Yes, people are expensive, but our potential is so much greater.The comprehensive resource for navigating the job search, composing strong resumes and cover letters, performing at interviews, using Harvard’s Campus Interview Program, and profiles from alumni in different industries.


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