Night By Elie Weisel Essay

Discuss activities that enable inmates to endure hunger, despair, terror, loss, and loneliness.For example, evaluate the importance of music, gossip, gifts, laughter, shared meals or chores, walking together, and keeping watch over loved ones. Contrast authority figures in terms of their lasting influence on Elie and his persistent and thorough self-study.

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Explain why it is useful to the German camp to keep healthy workers alive and productive, then kill them and replace them with fresh inmates after the original crew is too weary or ill to work. Describe the support system that fellow Jews share, particularly holidays, rituals, and prayers.

Discuss the importance of the Kaddish and its meaning when applied to countless victims.

This is the first step to completely giving up on his beliefs. “And then, there was no longer any reason for me to fast. ” (Wiesel 69) Elie tries to send God a message through these two actions.

It is his retaliation to God’s silence, trying to get his attention.

What does Your grandeur mean, Master of the Universe, in the face of all cowardice, this decay, and this misery?

” (Wiesel 66-67) These questions cloud Elie’s mind.

Use these essay topics to help students connect with the novel and subject matter.

Most students could never imagine the sheer horror and death that Elie Wiesel faced as a Jewish boy during World War II.

” (Wiesel 34) The horrible conditions he lives through and witnesses traumatize him permanently and he can never forgive God for what He has allowed to happen: “As for me, I had ceased to pray. I was not denying His existence, but I doubted His absolute justice.

” (Wiesel 45) Elie goes from being a righteous Jew to no longer praying because he can’t believe the injustice that is being permitted and tolerated.


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