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Air Pollution in Delhi is Caused by Vehicles Pollution in Delhi: Industrial Units Choking Residential Areas Vehicular Pollution in Delhi and Its Impact on Lotus Temple Plastic Pollution: A Threat to Ecosystem Air pollution in India River Pollution in India Pollution Control in India Delhi, the national capital of the country, is being tagged as one of the most heavily polluted capital cities in the world.It is the world’s worst city in terms of air pollution, with an unhealthy air quality index for the majority of the year.According to the global Environment Performance Index (EPI) 2018, India is ranked at 177 with an EPI of 30.57, and it is disheartening to hear that Delhi, the national capital of the country, is being tagged as one of the most heavily polluted capital cities in the world.

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The human ear is extremely sensitive, and it never rests.

So even when you sleep your ears are working, picking up and transmitting sounds that are filtered and interpreted by different parts of the brain. So, although you may not be aware of it, background noises of traffic, aircraft or music coming from a neighbour are still being processed, and your body is reacting to them in different ways via the nerves that travel to all parts of the body and the hormones released by the brain.

Exposure to prolonged or excessive noise has been shown to cause a range of health problems ranging from stress, poor concentration, productivity losses in the workplace, and communication difficulties and fatigue from lack of sleep, to more serious issues such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, tinnitus and hearing loss.

The studies analysed environmental noise from planes, trains and vehicles, as well as other city sources, and then looked at links to health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, sleep disturbance, tinnitus, cognitive impairment in children, and annoyance.

The authors also noted that while other forms of pollution are decreasing, noise pollution is increasing.

Interestingly, it may be the sounds we aren’t even aware we’re hearing that are affecting us the most, in particular, those we ‘hear’ when we’re asleep.But we need proper and efficient implementation of plans and programmes and policies launched by the Government.How can citizens of Delhi help in reducing pollution?We really don’t want our future generations to live in an unhealthy environment in Delhi.We really don’t want our children or our elders to get into incessant coughing due to pollution.The WHO team used the information to calculate the disability-adjusted life-years or DALYs—basically the healthy years of life―lost to ‘unwanted’ human-induced dissonance. They found that at least one million healthy years of life are lost each year in Europe alone due to noise pollution (and this figure does not include noise from industrial workplaces).The authors concluded that ‘there is overwhelming evidence that exposure to environmental noise has adverse effects on the health of the population’ and ranked traffic noise second among environmental threats to public health (the first being air pollution).It is this response that can lead to cardiovascular disease and other health issues.A study undertaken by Dr Orfeu Buxton, a sleep expert at Harvard University, monitored the brain activity of healthy volunteers, who were played 10-second sound clips of different types of noise as they slept.The realities of modern life mean the noises created in our world are not going to suddenly fall silent.Instead, we need to recognise that noise pollution is a serious health concern worthy of our attention, and find realistic and sustainable ways to manage and reduce it—starting with banning those rubbish truck pickups in the middle of the night!


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