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Research involving living humans usually requires the review and approval of the UBC Behavioral Research Review Committee as well as permission from communities affected.Supervisory Committees supervise and bear ultimate responsibility for approving research carried out by Ph D candidates.(The candidate may speak from notes and use audio-visual equipment, but should not read the synopsis).

This examination may be scheduled no sooner than two weeks after receipt of the thesis.

The examination is open to graduate students, non-examining faculty, and invited guests.

In such cases, the normal schedule of notification, deposition of the final thesis draft, and examination are still followed.

The Examining Committee is composed of the student’s Advisory Committee and a representative of the AGSC, who acts as the chair.

The Supervisory Committee Chair, in consultation with the Head of the Department, also submits to the Dean of Graduate Studies the names and addresses of three prospective External Examiners. Upon successful examination and final preparation of the approved dissertation, the student must submit an unbound copy to the Graduate Secretary and one further copy to UBC Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Studies before the degree can be awarded.

No contact should be made with prospective Examiners by members of the Department. Note that the dissertation must adhere to style guidelines set out on the Faculty of Graduate Studies web site.

The departmental examination follows the format of the University examination.

The examination begins with a 20 to 30 minute synopsis by the candidate.

It is critically important that Ph D candidates keep their Supervisory Committees well informed of their research activities.

The dissertation is written under the supervision of the Supervisory Committee.


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