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During his journey he comes face to face with deadly creatures, and has mind-boggling experiences at sea.

But after all that Odysseus has done, Im not convinced that he is a hero.

I'm doing a debate on my final and it's about if Odysseus from the Odyssey is a hero and I was chosen to going against Odysseus being a hero by my teacher.

I'm only asking for maybe links to articles that would help me find things that goes to show that Odysseus isn't a hero.

His "trick" to enter Troy was inside an offering for the gods to indicate peace with the Trojans.

It's a combination of sacrilege of an offering and a violation of the rules of war - it wouldn't be acceptable if at the end of WWII America had said to Japan "we want to negotiate peace, please accept this fruit basket" and the fruit basket was just explosive.Odysseus seemed to make decisions and say thing to people regardless of how it affected their life or feelings.Another reason Odysseus is not a hero is because he receives so much extra help from Athena. 907), Athena disguises Odysseus as an old beggar and he attempts to shoot an arrow through several small rings.The Odyssey is an epic poem about a Greek warrior named Odysseus, who just finished fighting in the Trojan War.He journeys home only to find his house overtaken by suitors trying to marry his wife, and kill his son.How do you like the beating that we gave you, you damned cannibal? He was taunting poor Cyclops even though he had already escaped from the island and Cyclops could not hurt him anymore.This was such a cold-hearted thing to do to Cyclops, especially when Odysseus had his crew telling him he was being cruel, and that he should refrain from taunting Cyclops.Another time Odysseus was called a hero even though he was helped by Athena was in Odysseuss Revenge (pg. In this story it says, Aided by Athena, Odysseus, Telemachus, Eumaeus, and other faithful herdsman kill all the suitors, (pg. In this case, obviously Odysseus was aided by Athena.The problem is, Odysseus receives all the credit for that battle and seems to take it for granted, never thanking Athena. In his adventures of The Odyssey, he always seemed to lack strong heroic traits.Odysseus sleeps with at least 3 women throughout the Iliad while his wife remains faithful in Ithaca (double standards much? I vaguely recall him cheating at some competition involving Circe and that something he did to the cyclops was a bit edgy on the "is this guy honest".Basically lots of lying, cheating, and sleeping around while he has a committed partner who believes he's faithful, and honesty is generally regarded as "good".


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