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As these are vivid and vigorous real and useful and natural virtues and properties, which we have bastardized in these, and have only accommodated the pleasure of our corrupted taste.

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He finished in the redemptive flames of pyres of Rome.

With the discovery of the New World, it was a whole section of the Bible, in a moment wavered: the Church’s authority was likely to be seriously undermined.

There is always the perfect religion, the perfect font, perfect and accomplished usage of all things.

They are wild, as we call wild fruits that nature, self and its regular progress, has produced where, in truth, these are the ones we have altered our artifice and diverted from the common order, we should rather call wild.

» Separate the known world by an ocean, these creatures were clearly not descend from Adam and Eve (we did not know that humanity had a common root in Africa and that the Indians were far distant descendants of Adam and Eve (or rather Lucy), passed in America by the Bering Strait). The European man he was no longer at the World Center, the only creation of the Almighty?

Already in 1543 , in 1600, went even further by suggesting the existence of other worlds and even alien creatures.» And no sane person could assimilate cannibals to anything but wild. Thus, for Montaigne, is the wild in the European wild fruit that is grown fruit.It seems to fit into the Greek wisdom for the return to nature (Democritus Epicureanism, Stoicism of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius Diogenes); wisdoms that encouraged to move away from the city to rediscover the taste of simple, natural, rejecting superfluous, fleeing the artificial, keeping only the just-necessary, cultivating a sober happiness.« Nothing, indeed, it seems you more foolish than a precept which prohibits the change in us; which controls a consistency that there can be, and that violates the freedom of the male and the female, by chaining forever to each other; a loyalty that most capricious terminal of enjoyment to the same individual; an oath of immutability of two beings of flesh, in the face of a sky that is not even a moment, in the caverns that threaten ruin; at the bottom of a rock falling powder; at the foot of a shaft gerce; on a rock that shakes?Instead, he engages in a plea for tolerance and announcing the works of Enlightenment (Short Treatise on Tolerance Voltaire particular).Montaigne respected the Catholic world he came from.Believe me, you made the man’s condition worse than that of animals. We find now this return to « authentic » in political ecology.While Descartes wanted man Dominate nature, environmentalist morality considers that any human invention is a priori bad (GMOs car assisted reproduction, cloning, abortion) and that only nature is defensible (Bio stands for « good « in their vocabulary).The alliance between the sword (Nobles) and the Churc has never been as powerful: the Noble ensured the legitimacy of the Church (and vice versa), with the goal of mutual benefit, except the poor people.To ensure the sustainability of such a system, the Church tried to fight against all forms of heresy, which would to challenge his authority, and this playing with ability on: But I think, back to my point, there is nothing barbarous and savage in this nation to what was reported to me; except that each man calls barbarism whatever is not of its use; as real, it seems that we have another sight of truth and reason than the example and idea of ​​the opinions and customs of the countries where we operate.It is not reasonable that art wins the point of honor over our great and powerful mother Nature.We reloaded as the beauty and richness of her works by our inventions, we have all the stifled.


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