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In the narrative Aloud Equation (2013) describes the crew members that irked on the slave ship by writing, “Their complexions too differing so much from ours, their long hair, and the language they spoke, (which was very different from any had ever heard) united me in this belief” (p. Based on the description and in the period which the events took placed those crew members were from the Continental Europe, most likely British, therefore; between the captured Africans slaves and the crew of the slave ship was a the lack of communication because the slave in the ships, were Africans from different regions, cultures and with different languages and elects.

Most of the slave encounter white men for the first time when they were brought to the ship, to them those white men with red faces and long loose hair where a strange creature speaking a language they could not understand.

The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Aloud Equation, or Gustavo Vass, the African, Written by Myself’ is a traumatic narrative of the horrors suffered by the Africans slaves of the 18th century, which has touched my heart.

No human being should ever have to endure what the African slaves and their families endured during slavery and voyage through the “The Middle Passage”.

An example of the terrible condition in which the slaves lived is narrated by Equation (2013) as: “The stench of the hold while we were on the coast was so intolerably loathsome, that it was dangerous to remain there for any time.. ” (1388) “The closeness of the place, and the heat of the climate, added to the number in the ship, which was so eroded that each had scarcely room to turn himself, almost suffocated us” (p. The conditions the Africans slaves endured during the Middle Passage were horrific; no human being should be force to live in such deplorable conditions.

The lack of freedom on the slave ships caused great distress to the enslaved Africans.

Though he spent a brief period in the state of Virginia, much of Equiano's time in slavery was spent serving the captains of slave ships and British navy vessels.

One of his masters, Henry Pascal, the captain of a British trading vessel, gave Equiano the name Gustavas Vassa, which he used throughout his life, though he published his autobiography under his African name.

The Middle Passage was called the route of the triangular trade through the Atlantic Ocean in which millions of people room Africa were shipped to the New World as part of the Atlantic slave trade.

The author starts by giving details of the terrible conditions that he encounters on board of a slave ship.


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