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For CVS’s legal concern, not only do they have to follow federal and state guideline for employees, they have to follow federal guidelines for pharmaceuticals, legal requirements for their nurses, doctors and pharmacist.

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Organization behavior involves the understanding of critical matters that assist with comprehending and predicting what influences human behavior and how it will help to achieve desired goals.

Organizational behavior is also defined as the investigation of behavioral factors that affect modern organizations and their management at the individual, group, and organization levels (Baack, 2012).

In recent years, Hospital AB has been recognized for providing community with quality healthcare and superior clinical outcomes.

In 20 the hospital was recognized as one of the top 100 heart hospitals.

Organizational analysis Hospital AB and Health Center is a community based acute care general hospital.

The hospital is proactive in seeking methods to identify and provide all sources of community benefit and charity care.Teamwork, communication, leadership, and problem solving are used on a daily bases.Within this corporation, the technical aspects are adequate and most of the employees are very talented, each in their own way.These occurrences have kept employees active and content within the company.These are also attracting other potential employees.It essential for CVS to understand what HR challenges they face to make informed decisions; beneficial to the company stakeholders and employees.Hr decisions affect not only the employee’s but the company’s social opt squat.CVS Caremark Organizational Analysis James P Miller Strayer University BUS 310 Professor Frevert Abstract CVS Caremark established 1963, has been expanding every year since their inception.With over 7,000 retail locations they face many human resources challenges.These resolutions include recruitment of highly skilled workers, company policies, labor relations, training and diversity, management of multiple locations, global business environments, employee compensation and benefits, Her initiatives for CVS is to enhance compensation practices, restructure human resources processing functions, and successfully managing all human resources support for the retail businesses.The type of information needed to make solid informed decisions about human resources for CVS is many.


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