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In general, the parents of younger students (K-2nd) can write for the child (and go over directions) but not DO the homework with no input from your child.

3rd-5th grade students are responsible and old enough to complete the homework independently without help from their parents.

In September, and periodically through out the school year I review with all the students how they can earn a small prize and a “Fitness” certificate every month, and also how they can earn a Fitness Medal at the end of the school year.

However, especially with younger students, parents need to re-explain at home and/or support their child’s efforts if you and/or your child desires to complete “optional” PE fitness homework.

Law of large numbers wikipedia, lookup Elementary mathematics wikipedia, lookup Addition wikipedia, lookup Location arithmetic wikipedia, lookup Mathematics of radio engineering wikipedia, lookup Minkowski diagram wikipedia, lookup Summary In each column colour in a bar chart as high as the mark you got in that homework.

You should always aim to improve on what you achieved in your previous homework Addition Multiplication Subtraction Division Fraction Fract/% of a # Time - clocks Time – units Algebra – simplify Algebra - substitute Percentages Symmetry Powers Angles Averages & range Units Probability Shape Factors Types of number Homework 10 Homework 9 Homework 8 Homework 7 Homework 6 Homework 5 Homework 4 Homework 3 Homework 2 Homework 1 Below your teacher may set you targets based on a particular type of question.

A child can choose to do a variety of assignments, or they can do the same assignment (for example, a fitness calendar) each month throughout the school year. Fit Art & Fitness Is Fun Photos counts they month that I receive it.

For example, if a child draws a picture in September but they do NOT give it to me until mid October, the Fit Art assignment is credited for October.

Reports are typically due two weeks after your January parent teacher conference.

Other Ways Your Child Can Earn Prizes I can tie my shoe (Kindergarten-2nd grade Students Only)Your child will get the opportunity to show me they can tie their shoe, unassisted 4 times a year but only can “earn” credit once.


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