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She also regularly acted upon her strong sense of duty to help others.Even if she was driving carpool, it was not uncommon for her to pull off the road to help a confused-looking elderly lady or a lost pet.

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The W&L Honor System means that students must never lie, cheat or steal and that they must respect other people, their opinions and their property.

It punishes only actions that the current student body sees as violations of the community’s trust.

When my younger brother was born, my mom chose to stop practicing nursing so that she could raise her children and instill in us many of the values that are outlined in this code.

As my brother and I move towards adulthood, my mom urges us to support each other in all of our endeavors and further grow our friendship.

My parents and education have played profound roles in the development of my core personal values: personal integrity, excellence, responsibility, family and ambition.

Additionally, these influences have demonstrated certain rule-based, ends-based, and virtue-based approaches to determining what conduct is consistent with these key values.

My dad’s insistence upon moving beyond his modest background and aspiring to distinction within his in his profession has inspired my commitment to accomplishment and success, knowledge and higher education, hard-work, excellence and wealth.

My dad was one of four brothers raised on my grandparent’s rural horse farm outside of Baltimore.

Every day, he and his brothers endured teasing by their more affluent private school classmates who thought the boys smelled like horses.

My dad and his brothers were not expected to go to college, since no one in their family had done so before.


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