Persuasive Essay About Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

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you can download games and apps prior to going to school and use them while connected to school wifi or not I think you are wrong.

You could download a program that allows you to block websites. If you are not looking and just ingoring te person thats how i fill.

in the end, the computers would be cheaper and more "green" :) They should be allowed because it used for educational related tasks like, using the calculator or searching up information or taking notes when you forget your notebook or pencil.

But I also think that teachers should limit the use of it, like during lessons and only to use during work time.

Electronics are moving there way into our lives and theres nothing we can od to stop it. There's so much more you can do when using things like ipods, cellphones and other electronic devices.

Essays On Euthanasia - Persuasive Essay About Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

Yes students will be off task sometimes but they wil still get there work done.student shouldnt be allowed to bring cell phones to school and excuses like flexibilty is really ridiculous there is no need for that i mean there is already a system that works just fine.if there is a emergency the parents or guirdian should call the school office and then they will send some one down to inform the child plus texting or calling the child wouldnt make a difference because yuo are still going tohave to go through the office people to take your child out of school so that will be a even longer process and even if a teacher does take their cell phones of them during class think about during lunch times students have the opportunity to miss use their cell phone such as text bully many kids have been affected by this and allowing students to bring their phones to schoolwill only make things worse especially for the teacher because of the distractions of cellphones capability may be important but so is a childs education and future I think that i Pod's should not be allowed in school to some degree because it gets distracting at times, and people can be playing games and be on the internet instead of listening to the teacher and learning at school.we can just simply establish a helpful school policy.For example, during the class the teacher shall ask student to put their cell phone in front of the class, or near the teacher.AS the computer's, now mobile's retated sholud be also taught to the students and should made thm aware about its bad and good effects.I think that the students should be allowed to bring cell phones as long as they don't disrupt class or distract themselves and not pay attention due to the phone, if that happens the teachers can just confiscate it and tell that particular student that he/she may not be able to bring a cellphone to school.As it is stated "mobile Phone", students will bring it wherever they are such as, in the toilet, library, cafe, or even class.It grows the mobility and flexibility between parents and their children. In case their parents are sick, or someone important for them is dead, or most cases, the students needs their parents help to bring something important that they forget, mobile phone is the first help to access, unless there is no even an account in their cell phone.if people want to spend their recess on there i Pod's when it is their free time, I think that, that is totally fair.I think that any other time during school hours is not ok, because if a person is talking and you are sitting in your seat with your i Pod, then you might get it taken away, but it is also being disrespectful to the person that is talking, because you are not giving them your attention and being a respectful listener.


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