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Despite the rapid development of modern methodology of the precipitation monitoring, measurement (based mostly on the techniques of teledetection) and analysis (based mostly on modelling and GIS), the gap between the accuracy of in-situ measurements and remote-sensing datasets still requires to be filled.

The scholarship committee reserves the right to conduct interviews with selected candidates.

The decision of the scholarship committee cannot be appealed.

The decision and the selection of the candidate will take place until 30/10/2019.

Candidates will be notified about the results by e-mail.

The scientific thesis to be verified in the Ph D is that multimodel approach is a robust, stable method for describing the probability distributions of maximum seasonal flows.

In the Ph D research we plan to concentrate on the derivation of the point estimators of quantiles by their asymptotic standard error and to scrutinise the issues of the change of flood regimes downstream significant riverine tributaries in two possible scenarios: (A) synchronous and (B) asynchronous flood waves of high waters.The novelty in flood frequency analysis is the development and application of the multimodel approach (known also as the method of aggregation) that significantly reduces the error associated with the choice of probability distribution function.The multimodel approach leads to distinctively more stable estimates of floods as the length of the observation series used for estimation of the parameters and quantiles increases.In the Ph D research we propose to carry out the assimilation of the radar precipitation data with the in-situ State Monitoring System (both monitored by the IMGW) in order to distinguish certain scheme of the spatial distribution of the precipitation which creates the peak flows in selected profiles of the pilot River San (South-East Poland).Flood frequency analysis (FFA), from the practical point of view, ranges from the applying one recommended probability density function (PDF) for each gauge stations in all rivers in Poland and fitting the most suitable PDF, in terms of discrimination criteria, from among the competing distribution functions commonly used in hydrology.The necessary data will be provided by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW).Institution name: The Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Department of Hydrology and Hydrodynamics, Warsaw, Poland.based on computer modelling) of the rainfall spatial coverage and magnitude.Requirements for candidates: Insufficient monitoring of precipitation phenomena, its significant variability both in terms of spatial and temporal distribution result in substantial uncertainty of this input data to rainfall-runoff models and make it difficult to assess the real water capacity introduced to the modelled catchment.The study will allow the interaction mechanism among drought characteristics - drought impacts - water resources management measures to be explained and strategies of water resource management to reduce the drought vulnerability to be proposed, so as to support decision-making for drought management and drought resilience enhancement in the context of climate change.The successful candidate will develop skills in integrated surface and groundwater modelling, uncertainty analysis, climate change impacts on droughts and working with large datasets.


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