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Of the theses presented in the last twenty year (55 theses), a little more than half were in Spanish (33) and the rest in English (22).

Of the theses presented in the last twenty year (55 theses), a little more than half were in Spanish (33) and the rest in English (22).

A second fundraising of 600,000 euros and office equipment in Ile de France (70,000 m2) Daumet (class of 2017, Paris Saclay): the whitest gold in the world, "sustainable" and incubated by LVMH Icohup (class of 2017, University of Lyon): an accessory to measure radioactivity with your smartphone, presented at the CES in Las Vegas and certified by IRSN The implementation of a structural support system for young doctor entrepreneurs, born of the will of Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and set up by Bpifrance with the support of technology transfer structures (SATT, subsidiaries or structures of research organizations).

Les Chercheurs-Entrepreneurs Challenges and i-Ph D join forces to go even further with: - the development of regional finals, to identify the best projects at the heart of establishments and laboratories, and to encourage vocations - a joint national ceremony, with the selection of 50 finalists, and the possibility for the winners to benefit from the prizes of the two competitions.

In total for the past 5 years, a community of 85 innovation carriers, from all over France, coached by experts and selected by an exceptional jury, with some great successes already achieved.

Stanley Robotics (class of 2015, PSL): the valet robot that moves vehicles and now optimizes Vinci car parks in Lyon-Saint-Exupéry and Gatwick in Great Britain IQSPOT (Class of 2015, University of Bordeaux): intelligent management of the energy performance of buildings...

Moreover, the problem statement that includes the contribution area says: This work proposes to progress in this path and suggests to use a new dependent variable, decision of entrepreneurial behavior, that has been defined as an evolution from the entrepreneurial intention towards the actual entrepreneurial behavior.

What this work suggests is that the level of entrepreneurial decision should be a better proxy towards entrepreneurial behavior than the level of entrepreneurial intention.We find strong differences in how ideas are evaluated depending on the evaluation scheme.Taken together these essays demonstrate that startup programs impact the growth of new firms through the performance of individual portfolio firms, fostering stronger ecosystems, and shifting which firms are encouraged to grow through their selection procedures.At the same time this Ph D has been offered constantly since 1978 as a doctoral programme of the Department of Economics and Business.The programme has a clearly international orientation. The first essay explores the impact of startup accelerators on early-stage entrepreneurial activity in their region by exploring the effects of accelerators on the availability and provision of seed and early stage venture capital funding in the local region. They may be viewed from this source for any purpose, but reproduction or distribution in any format is prohibited without written permission. This dissertation consists of three essays studying the impact of a relatively recent type of entrepreneurship program (startup accelerators) on the performance of firms, regions, and the selection of early-stage projects in the economy.Startups birthed in neighborhoods with higher levels of entrepreneurial resources derive a larger benefit from admission to Mass Challenge, suggesting that founding regions shape a startup's performance and that accelerators change the way in which startup founders are able to access and leverage resources in their home region.The third essay explores the selection mechanisms inside an accelerator program, measuring how variation in the institutional arrangements used in the selection of ideas and ventures impacts how a fixed set of judges evaluate a fixed set of businesses opportunities.Within the framework of La Salle – URL Doctoral Week, Ph D candidates presented the advances in their dissertation projects. Thus, today, we share Omar Maluk´s dissertation project. This thesis is supervised by Francesc Miralles, Ph D.We will share in this blog three articles about the dissertation projects of the following Ph D candidates that were presented last week: Omar Maluk: “Beyond the entrepreneurial intentions. ” Marcela Garza: “An analysis of sport event sponsorship activation in the digital environment: a case study approach”. The title of his research work is “Beyond the entrepreneurial intentions. The motivation of the study is introduced by asking and discussing: Why is entrepreneurial behavior interesting to study upon?


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