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Ph D stands for 'Doctor of Philosophy' which is an abbreviation of the latin term, (wisdom).Despite its name, the Ph D isn't actually an Ancient Greek degree. The Ph D as we know it was developed in nineteenth-century Germany, alongside the modern research university.You’ll submit material from your literature review, or a draft of your research findings and discuss these with members of your department.

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Ph D qualifications are available in all subjects and are normally the highest level of academic degree a person can achieve. Other doctorates tend to be awarded in specific subject areas or for more practical and professional projects.

This page explains what a Ph D is, what it involves and what you need to know if you’re considering applying for a Ph D research project, or enrolling on a doctoral programme. Essentially, all Ph Ds are doctorates, but not all doctorates are Ph Ds.

You can find out more in our guides to Ph D study around the world.

The beginning of a Ph D is all about finding your feet as a researcher and getting a solid grounding in the current scholarship that relates to your topic.

We've included higher and honorary doctorates here in order to try and prevent them being confused with more 'conventional' Ph Ds (and to give you some inspiration for later in your career!

A Ph D is a postgraduate doctoral degree, awarded to students who complete an original thesis offering a significant new contribution to knowledge in their subject. The Ph D is the of doctorate and is awarded in most academic fields.Writing up a Ph D can often take place in a frenzy of activity in the last few months of your degree study, after years of hard work.But there are some steps that you can take to increase your chances of success.With the guidance of your supervisor you’ll begin surveying and evaluating existing scholarship.This will help situate your research and ensure your work is original.Others are professional doctorates with a slightly different format.The way in which candidates study for a Ph D is also becoming more varied, with the opportunity to research part time or even pursue a joint doctorate, awarded by more than one university. This page explains and compares the options available to you. Many other subjects (and countries) award their own specific qualifications, but we've covered some of the most popular here.But that doesn’t mean you’ll just spend three years locked away in a library or laboratory.In fact, the modern Ph D is a diverse and varied qualification with many different components.If you stick to these simple rules, your writing will be clear and jargon-free. When it's a DPhil, DBA, Ed D or other type of doctorate.


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