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That makes it impossible to help the students learn and become better in the subject.

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So, why do instructors and publications care if something is written in original words, even if the sources are properly cited?

While the Internet is a tool to find “the right words”, there are several reasons to put ideas and thoughts in one’s own voice.

If you can explain something a multitude of ways, you really know your information.

Take it from a biology he more you can put something in your own words, the more you know your ‘stuff’, and the more prestige you will have among your peers.”- Shelley Mitchell, Oklahoma State University “Writing in one’s own words not only shows a sense of originality, but that one has done ‘ultra-reading’ and has done it thoroughly in order to formulate their ideas in their own words.”- Lisanda Poncane, University of Kwa Zulu Natal There is a significant difference in comprehension between when people takes their own notes and when people borrow someone else’s.

“Plagiarism can cause students to get kicked out of schools, journalists to lose their jobs, songwriters to be hit with plagiarism lawsuits, and politicians to losing their elected or appointed positions.

I think that is what the message is: create good habits and don’t steal other people’s work.- Renee Robins“Writing in your own words saves you, as a student, a lot of embarrassment and low grades.

When instructors tell you to write an assignment in your words, they aren’t just trying to make the task harder for you, they’re trying to make it more valuable.

Furthermore, when a student turns in an assignment written by someone else, there is no chance for the instructor to see how well they grasp the material and grade their progress.

In the age of the Internet, almost any piece of knowledge or idea can be found, copied and presented in a matter of minutes.

If being able to find the knowledge is what is most important, the extra step of rewriting what others have done seems superfluous.


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