Problem Solving In Business Management

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If it is simplicity that you are after, the six-step problem solving model is a great place to start.This is all about the basics of problem solving – each of the six steps will take you a bit closer to a positive outcome.

Solving problems is at the core of running a business and these problem solving tools will help you to take a structured and methodical approach.

If you own a business, or if you are a manager within an organization, solving problems is one of your key duties.

Needless to say, it is impossible to separate the task of problem solving from the task of running a successful business.

They are one in the same, and you can’t do one without the other.

You can probably guess from the name of this problem solving method roughly what it involves.

The term ‘drill down’ is frequently used in business to highlight any process that narrows something down from bigger components into smaller pieces.Organizations are extremely complicated entities, with a potentially huge number of personalities, motivations, capabilities, limitations, and more at play.If you are going to get the most out of your organization, you need to understand it as intricately as possible.Or, in some cases, you may have both a complex problem and a lot of possible solutions on your plate.When things get complicated as you are trying to make a crucial problem solving decision, it is helpful to have tools available to use.This technique is a great way to uncover the complicated nature of most business problems.It is not typical for a business problem to be isolated within the organization – more often, the problem will be built upon layers of smaller issues.This model might not be complex enough for your needs, but you may be surprised to find just how many times this technique is able to do the job.To give you a better understanding of how the six-step problem solving model works, let’s quickly walk through each of the six steps.This is exactly what you are going to try to untangle by using the drill down technique.Look over the entire chart that you have created and figure out which of the ‘sub-problems’ is most likely to blame for the bigger problem.


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