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Think about different situations you have been in : in school, college, university, in work experience, in team sports or clubs, volunteering or in your personal life.

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In Apple’s early days it was Steve Wozniak who had the engineering skills to build the machines—but it was Jobs’ vision that pushed the boundaries of what could be done.

A significant problem that gets in the way of intelligent individuals is their desire to be the only source of expertise and knowledge.

Whether you are a Cisco Networking Academy student, a parent, an intern, a rookie, or the president of a large corporation you are going to have to face problems at some point. Well, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a systematic approach built on well-defined steps can help you find solutions that yield real, sustainable, and scale-able solutions – whatever the problem. It means taking the time to thoroughly review the situation - separating the symptoms from the cause.

Whether you want to fix a bug in your network, hit a deadline, secure that promotion or start your own company – however big or small, we all set objectives and goals for ourselves that require us to solve problems. As far as tech goes, the ability to resolve challenges effectively is fast becoming an essential skill for recruitment. Is there an approach or strategy to problem-solving that can be mastered or improved? There is no better starting point than defining what it is that needs to be fixed.

You will note that raw intelligence in not one of the skills; however, one should always assume that it is a base skill of these top problem solvers. Steve Jobs is a great example of someone who relied on the deep expertise of others.

He had the vision and ideas, but lacked the deep technical expertise make his ideas come to life.One focused on individual contributors (6,000 people) and the other focused on managers and executives (76,000 people).Five skills emerged that enabled people to be great problem solvers. The best problem solvers either had deep expertise and experience themselves or access to others with that expertise and experience.Unfortunately it isn’t good enough to just say you are a good problem solver on your CV, you’ve got to to show your skills and wear them like a badge of honour.You need to think of examples of when you have seen a problem and put in a fix that has made it better.We’ve looked at problem solving in some detail already, we’ve explored what they are, the tools that can help you make decisions and what you can do when a problem is just proving too much.Catch up on all things problem solving and the other 4 employability skills by logging in to your dashboard.You might have: Examples can include you finding better ways to manage a process, overcoming challenges, achieving difficult deadlines (or managing lots at once) and spotting the cause of errors or problems in a process.You’ve got lots of skills to squish in to your CV so one or two relevant examples will help you keep the word count down (and leave space to talk about all of your Young Professional Skills).This takes time and might mean doing a bit of research to reveal the underlying issues behind the problem. Determine the Root Causes Once you have identified what your problem is, you need to figure out why it is. This might mean looking for solutions in unusual places or from unusual sources – talking to a different set of colleagues, keeping an open mind, or being receptive to the interchange of ideas or perspectives. Build a really tight plan to execute your solution. Because a key part of problem-solving effectively is about being prepared to get it wrong – and to learn from your mistakes.Because as you work towards solving your problem, you are going to want to find a solution that deals with the causes and not just the symptoms, right? Whatever if it takes, once you have a set of alternative solutions, subject them all to analysis. Find the Solution that will Work Best Easier said than done? You will need to cover who, what, when, and how you will implement your plan. Remember that all problems are simply puzzles waiting to be solved.


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