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An hour will go by extremely quickly, so you’ll need to figure out a good method to manage your time.We recommend establishing a set number of minutes per question that you force yourself not to go over (this takes practice! Remember that you don’t need to get roughly 70% of the questions correct, so it’s often better to skip or guess on a question if it’s taking up too much time.

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Problem Solving Test Mckinsey Sections Of A Senior Thesis

S., and you are applying through on-campus recruiting, you will rarely be asked to take the Mc Kinsey PST.

Data interpretation questions consist of Mc Kinsey graphs, Mc Kinsey charts, and text that provide information and require critical reasoning and logic to answer them.

The types of answers possible for these questions are ones that are definitively correct, ones that could be correct but not with 100% certainty, and ones that are completely wrong.

The answers that will trick candidates the most are the ones that are partially correct but are not completely right.

As a result, do your best to first eliminate answers that are definitely wrong, and then among the remaining options, choose answers that you feel are undoubtedly correct.


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