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The vast majority of your budget and other resources will be expended in this phase.

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This is done through a needs analysis to determine the desired performance of the employees, the current performance of the employees, and if a performance gap exists.

Like Project Management, this is the phase in which the training program (the project) is authorized and an individual (the project manager) is appointed to development the training.

During this time, I became aware of the Project Management Institute (PMI Guide) and, as I studied more, took formal training, and became more experienced, came to the realization that the five phases of Project Management are, in practice, identical to the five phases of the Instructional Systems Design model. They each provide a systematic organized process for accomplishing a specific project, which in the case of training, results in the creation of a specific training program.

In other words, Instructional Systems Design is the equivalent of Project Management in the training arena. The first goal is to show the similarities of the five phase Project Management process and the five phase Instructional Systems Design (commonly referred to as ISD) process.

The primary question is, “Is this project oriented towards the organization's goals? ” During this phase, a project manager is appointed and a project charter authorizing the project is written.

Additionally, any constraints to the project are identified.

In determining which projects to authorize, sponsors, or future sponsors, have to take several factors into account.

These include resource allocation (time, personnel, and cost) along with a ROI analysis.

Obviously, the primary output from this phase is the completion of the project.

You'll also collect information on various items to compare against the baseline established during the planning phase.


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