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The poem illustrates to us how Froufrou keeps assuring himself that, “indeed, there will be time”(26) to do all of the things he wants to do in his life, but first he must come to terms with his insecurities.

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He is ashamed of his personal appearance and looks towards social advancement as a way to assure himself and those around him of his value and establish who he is. The issue Of froufrou’s place in society leads to an “overwhelming question…

(1 0), which is never identified, asked, or answered in the poem.

These images represent froufrou’s desire to be rid of his self- consciousness and possibly some suicidal tendencies which can be tied into just about all of the ambiguous questions Froufrou asks of himself throughout the poem.

Another example of Froufrou’s conflict with society is Froufrou’s dissatisfaction with his personal appearance.

He thinks “l should have been a pair of ragged claws/ Scuttling across the floors of silent Froufrou wishes instead that he could be a mindless crab, scurrying around the bottom of the ocean; another example of Froufrou’s impression of his position in society, rarely impairing himself to real people.

In fact, in his dream sequence at the end when he imagines how his life might end up, he sees himself as an ocean creature, surrounded by mermaids “Till human voices wake us, and we 31).Froufrou’s series of questions can also be tied into his unsuccessful attempts at relationships with women.His insecurities keep him from doing the things he wants to do; he feels inadequate and unable to express his true feelings to women, “Should l, after tea and cakes and ices/ have the strength to force the moment to its He knows what he wants to say, but doses ‘t have the confidence or mental capacity to put his feelings into words. M not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;”(111 who, in contrast, was able to express his feelings very successfully o his lover – an ability which Froufrou is envious of, characterized by his emphatic “No!Unfortunately, his lack of confidence isn’t limited to his looks.Through out the poem you can see Froufrou’s difficulty in communicating with other people – not surprising considering his extreme lack of confidence in his appearance.In fact, to froufrou, the issue is extremely important – the fate of his life depends on it.His declaration that he isn’t a prophet indicates Froufrou’s view on his position in society, which he is s confused about as everything else.” Eliot creates the idea of Froufrou being caught with the problem of identity in the very beginning of the poem.Being the outsider that he is, Froufrou will to be accepted by society, that Froufrou is just out of reach of the group of people that he wishes to be associated with in life and love, but most likely his feelings Of insignificance prevent him from associating with anyone at all.Eliot doesn’t give any sense of hope for him in the poem – he remains a mode character until the very end.Froufrou even admits that he has “seen the moment of my greatness flicker, “(84). Even though Froufrou’s fantasies to be a crab, swim with the mermaids, be young again like Lazarus and talk to women about Michelangelo with the composure and articulacy of Hamlet give him a detachment from his day-to-day worries about society, love, and self.


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