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By contrast, either low other-interest (egoism) or low self-interest (altruism) increased the risk of burnout.Vandita Dhariyal Title: How likely are you to leave your first job?What are the rewards and risks of this line of work?

By contrast, either low other-interest (egoism) or low self-interest (altruism) increased the risk of burnout.

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Findings suggest that type of prosocial motivation affects the experience of reward and risk.

A combination of high other-interest and high self-interest sustained prosocial motivation in the sample.

The conference presents a fantastic opportunity for alumni to reflect on their work, share the impact of their findings and to give current MSc students the chance to hear first-hand about the dissertation experience. Sally-Ann Tingle Abstract: Social entrepreneurs are championed as modern heroes changing the world for the better (Bornstein, 2007).

While the benefits of social entrepreneurship for society are clear, the benefits for social entrepreneurs themselves are less so.

However, little research addresses house waste as a psychosocial phenomenon.

This research aimed to fill this gap using a method of Subjective Evidence-Based Ethnography (SEBE), which allows analysing waste from the perspective of people who experience it in a private context.

Sofia Mutinelli Title: The Psychology of Waste : A Subjective Evidence-Based Ethnography for Domestic Activity.

Abstract: Household overconsumption has become a dominant topic of investigation.

The graduate newcomers were recent graduates from LSE currently employed in their first jobs in professional services sectors in London.

The in-depth interview method was utilized due to the sensitive and personal nature of the study.


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