Psychopathy Essay

A twenty percent reduction in recidivism means that, approximately 580 000 victims of these violent crimes are saved allowing the authorities to save 58 billion dollars are saved annually.With this in mind, in accordance to the goal of the correctional system, in Canada, and the evidence that treatment can be effective; then, psychopathic and antisocial offenders deserve the chance at treatment and rehabilitation facilities considering that the process is now effective (Walters, 2012).Psychopathologists at the training observed that, the condition was less serious when identified at early stages.

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This would mean that there is only a difference in the extent to which treatment should be done and not that they are untreatable.

Children would require less treatment compared to juvenile youths with psychopathic conditions.

This is an indication that the majority were optimistic that there are effective ways through which they can employ their expertise to cure the condition.

In the same study, it was found out that psychopathic conditions are dimensional and not taxonomic in nature (Salekim, Woley, & Grimes, 2010).

That notwithstanding, case studies and surveys conducted have found out that indeed, the condition is treatable and can reduce cases of juvenile and other associated crimes.

Psychopaths have been considered resistant to treatment, but this allegation has not been evident by empirical research.

Currently, treatment of offenders has reduced recidivism rates in twenty percent of the population.

In Canada, serious crimes associated with psychopathy usually cost averagely 0 000 per Annum with approximately 400 000 violent crimes reported.

Psychopath is a collection of personality traits, which includes callousness, low anxiety, remorselessness, failure to form emotional bonds, and externalization of blame.

Although the condition affects one’s personality, experts have stated that it has not been coded using the taxonomic system DSM-IV-TR.


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