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This article contributes to the literature on Public Administration research methodology by enhancing an integrated and deeper understanding of, firstly, the concept and phenomenon ‘case study’ and, secondly, the appropriateness of case studies for theory building in Public Administration. At the core of this movement have been changes in governmental budgetary processes.These case-studies are both Teaching cases as also Research case-studies and present a rich mosaic of administrative experiences.

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Gupta, Director and Head of Indian Institute of Public Administration. The critical point is that a process of learning by doing must be activated by wider sharing of the lessons of experience.

The Title ' Public Administration in India: Case-Studies written/authored/edited by M. A number of these case-studies were awarded on the basis of the Perception of our chosen experts, while others too were considered suitable material for wider dissemination and sharing. The complexity of Indian reality, the daunting Nature of the tasks and challenges facing the Indian administration call for innovative measures.

Since these are relevant and contemporary to the India, context, this volume will also assist the trainers and Teachers of public administration to avert the Criticism that they may lean on out-of-date case-studies and that too of far-away situations. Title: Public Administration in India: Case-Studies Author Name: Kamal Nayan Kabra & M. Gupta (Eds)Categories: India, Administration, Publisher: New Delhi, India, Gyan Books Pvt.

Ltd.: 1999ISBN: 8121206294ISBN 13: 9788121206297 Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: New Jacket Condition: New Item: 1.00 Item Seller ID: 105920Keywords: Public Administration in India: Case-Studies Kamal Nayan Kabra & M.

Contents:- List of Tables Preface Introduction Witness to the Birth of a Nation A Bureaucrat vs Bureaucrats Improving an Organization Kultikri: An All-Women Panchayat A Case Study on Wind Farm: Puri in the State of Orissa Kommerhalli Project? The publisher of this title is Gyan Publishing House. In this process case-studies Play an important practical, heuristic and pedagogic role.

198 A volume of fifteen case-studies dealing with several facets of public administration in India marks the complexities of Indian reality and votes for innovative measures to even the daunting nature of tasks and challenges facing the Indian administration, serves bureaucrats, statesmen, scholars. Kamal Nayan Kabra, Teaches Economics at NPA, New Delhi. Size of the book is 14.34 x 22.59 cms Language: English. It is such attempts which become the basis for inductive theories, with their wider canvass. There are a broad range of potential applications of mutually supportive mixed methods, which can be of help whenever one tool of inquiry (e.g., econometric analysis) suffers from weaknesses (e.g., omitted variables, measurement techniques which may not be unbiased, the inability to estimate important quantities of interest) to which another tool of inquiry (e.g., process tracing of case studies) does not.To demonstrate the broad relevance of mutually supportive mixed methods in public management scholarship, this article focuses on qualitative case studies as a way of addressing an econometric challenge of particular relevance to the field: accounting for the fixed features of units (e.g., agencies, or departments) in multiunit studies.A case study is a written description of a situation in which public administrators made, influenced or implemented a decision.It is a means to bring together theoretical learning and their practical application.It is such attempts which become the basis for inductive theories, with their wider canvass.In this process case-studies Play an important practical, heuristic and pedagogic role.The Cases in our Inventory, featured in our Partner’s sites or through our international connections meet the needs of encasing experience, organizational learning and the many aspects of public administration into a sharable and usable form.There is little methodological guidance regarding how to best integrate qualitative observational case study data and quantitative large-N observational data in the study of public agencies in a mutually supportive way.The aim of the analysis was to understand the appropriateness of case studies for contributing to scientific knowledge.Following the application of the conceptual framework in the analysis of the selected dissertations, this article reports on the selection strategies, case study designs, research purpose, nature of data collection, nature of data analysis and the expected outcomes of typical case studies.


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