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However, the death of Hector is a catalyst for Priam for he realises that he needs to become a ‘father’ rather than the ‘king’ he had become so accustomed to.

His search for Hector is also a search for himself, to reinvent who he is and how he wishes others to remember him.

However after hearing Priam’s sentimental reasons she shows support and urges him to first share his plan with their family and the kingdom’s council before he departs.

Hector Hector is Priam’s son and also the leader of the Trojan army.

The death of Patroclus, his closest companion and hinted lover, drives Achilles to insanity.

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Hector murdered Patroclus, and as a result Achilles takes revenge by killing Hector.Although Somax is far from royalty, his great deal of affection for his daughter-in-law and granddaughter teaches Priam about love, family and life. She accompanies Priam and Somax on their journey to the Greek camp where Achilles’ resides.Shock Somax’s other mule who carries the cart to Achilles’ camp.is usually studied in the Australian curriculum under Area of Study 1 - Text Response.For a detailed guide on Text Response, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. As a child, his sister Hesione saved him from slavery, and had his named changed from Podarces to Priam, the name meaning ‘the ransomed one’ or ‘the price paid.’ After the death of his son Hector, Priam envisions himself in plain clothing, riding a plain cart to Achilles who is effectively holding Hector ransom.Unexpectedly, this one idea propels Priam into a multitude of other changes.His journey with Somax teaches Priam a far greater deal than he had anticipated for he learns to appreciate the value of love and other simplicities in life.Hecuba Hecuba is Priam’s beloved wife and mother of Hector.She is initially uncertain of Priam’s vision to save Hector.Priam’s determination to change how he is remembered – from just another king leading a regal life to a hero who went to extraordinary lengths to regain his child – demonstrates that change is at our grasp.Even though his beautiful wife Hecuba and the rest of his family have reservations about his desire to confront Achilles, Priam is resolved in taking a ‘chance,’ rather than achieving nothing by remaining within the walls of his home.


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