Reasons For And Against Federation Essay

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Centenary Foundation 'An independent organisation which was established to encourage and assist public debate on the Australian system of government during the lead-up to the centenary of the Constitution in 2001'. 'Australian federation: the influence of economic interests and political pressures', Historical studies, Australia and New Zealand, vol. of the Australasian Conventions of the 1890's Full text of the records of the Australasian Federation Conference of 1890 and the Australasian Federal Conventions of 18-1898.

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To make a change in any single word of this constitution, there must not only be an absolute majority of both houses of the Federal Parliament; but the change has to be submitted to the electors in the several colonies; and unless there be a majority of the States in favour of the change, the change cannot be made… There are some provisions of this bill which cannot be altered at all…

When you get a copy of the bill, look at the last clause of the last section, and weigh it well.

Unto God and Caesar: religious issues in the emerging Commonwealth, 1891-1906. [Writer: Sue Castrique; director: Ian Munro; producer: Anna Grieve.] [Australia]: Film Australia: ABC: Roadshow Entertainment [distributor], c1999.

General Collection 320.994032 E52Federation [videorecording]: a three part journey to nationhood. Discovering democracy: a guide to government and law in Australia.

Cited in JA La Nauze (ed), Alfred Deakin, The Federal Story: The Inner History of the Federal Cause 1880–1900, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1963.

…The Australian native knows that Federation under the 1898 Bill makes for the consolidation of Australia; that it takes away from him none of his present freedom, but, instead, grants the masses privileges unknown elsewhere.

Canberra: Published for the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by the Australian Government Publishing Service, 1987.

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'The Australian Natives' Association's part in Australian nationalism, 1871-1901', Australian National University Historical Journal, no. Federation Centenary Convention: 'Australia: The next One Hundred Years' The Adelaide Convention was held from 20-23 April 1997 and commemorated the first Convention held in 1897 as part of the Australasian Federal Convention.

Features Australian Constitution; Fact Sheets; and Federation Centenary Conventions.


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