Rejection Letter For Ed Applicants

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If the admissions department rejects your application, you are done for that college for the current year.

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That artifact hung in the library of Cleveland State University at one time, a tonic for an English major like me.

I could read for myself what he experienced; I could infer the importance of perseverance. It’s the last impression an institution leaves on the job candidate, so why not make it a better one? It offers anecdotal and research support for the idea that when we work kinder, we work better. Goodwill is free, so stock up and spread it around.

It was no small task to do all that among your other tasks and responsibilities.

You invested thought power, muscle power and that priceless commodity, time. You checked back, learned the search was still in process. Six months later, you learned through a colleague that the position was: a) filled, b) suspended, or c) not funded.

We all know the feeling of being wanted, unwanted or just plain ignored. So I offer a reminder for decision makers and those who support them with the power to create kinder campuses.

Although higher education doesn’t use the lingo of a customer service often, we all create impressions – and collectively, a campus culture -- based on how we treat others.

After all it is the archer not the arrow that matters, which is to say, your studiousness and commitment to your own development in college are way more important than any school you attend.

This is the time of year when admission and rejection letters start rolling in for high school seniors.

Some people reading this may be thinking that they would never want to work somewhere that treats an applicant poorly or leaves them in the lurch. A local poet, years ago, taught me a valuable lesson about weathering rejection.

By saving and artfully arranging and shellacking many rejection letters about his poems over the years, he crafted a mammoth collage.


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