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One possible explanation is that fewer students who need remedial education are going straight to college.

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Many states and colleges opt to enroll all students in credit-bearing coursework with increased support instead of offering remedial courses.

Maybe this policy is working as intended—encouraging students to improve their reading and math skills before they reach campus.

Further, it is worth considering whether Ohio’s remediation rate decline is being driven by the incentives its colleges and universities face.

In Ohio, just 51 percent of freshmen requiring remediation at a flagship university—and 38 percent of those in remedial classes at a non-flagship school—go on to complete entry-level college courses within two academic years.

It’s even worse at community colleges: Just 22 percent of students go on to take a college course that is not remedial.

Source: Ohio Department of Higher Education, “2015 Ohio Remediation Report”In the absence of rigorous research, we can only speculate about what’s behind this drop in remediation rates.While far too many college-bound students in Ohio aren’t ready for college upon matriculating, the Buckeye State has made some progress in recent years.Back in 2012, 40 percent of entering college students required remedial coursework, raising concerns of an Ohio college remediation rate crisis.Between 20, Ohio implemented higher K–12 educational standards; it is possible that we’re starting to see the fruit of those efforts.(In 2012, Ohio began implementing the Common Core academic standards in math and English language arts, along with new learning standards in science and social studies.) At the very least, it doesn’t appear that rising academic standards are having an adverse impact on college readiness.



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