Research Paper On Human Computer Interaction

Whatever the field of inquiry, whatever the phenomenon of interest, every research paper strives to make a research contribution by offering new knowledge.

Artifacts, often prototypes, include new systems, architectures, tools, toolkits, techniques, sketches, mockups, and envisionments that reveal new possibilities, enable new explorations, facilitate new insights, or compel us to consider new possible futures.

New knowledge is embedded in and manifested by artifacts and the supporting materials that describe them.

Seven Research Contribution Types in HCI In 2012, the first author posted an unpublished whitepaper to his academic website describing seven research contribution types in HCI [3].

This whitepaper was used as a source in creating the contribution types for the new CHI keyword structure.

A civil engineering paper may contribute a new method for stress-testing bridges.

A social anthropology paper may contribute an account of people’s reactions to teen pregnancies in rural religious communities.

Empirical Research Contributions Empirical research contributions are the backbone of science.

They provide new knowledge through findings based on observation and datagathering.

We also describe how different contribution types have been codified in the CHI submission process.

For the CHI 2016 conference, we show how the submitted and accepted papers were distributed across contribution types, providing insight into the kinds of knowledge the HCI field develops and disseminates.


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