Research Paper On Identity Theft

On this view, the range of phenomena is not eliminated, but rather the way of conceiving that phenomena.

This law states that two things are identical only if they have all properties in common.

Accordingly, many criticisms of identity theory follow Leibniz's law.

Identity fraud, in particular, where identities are stolen or fictitious identities are created, is becoming an increasing problem due to emerging (and rapidly evolving) technologies which enable such crimes to be committed.

Not only does identity fraud pose a significant financial cost to the community (with estimates ranging from $2 billion to $3.5 billion a year) but it impacts significantly on: victims (whose identities have been stolen); financial and other institutions; and law enforcement agencies because of the difficulty in tackling such crime, and because identity fraud facilitates the commission of other types of crime such as people smuggling.

Identity theory is one view of modern materialism that asserts that mind and matter, however capable of being logically distinguished are only different expressions of a single reality that is material; that every mental property is identical with some physical property.

Research Paper On Identity Theft

Identity theory is the position in the philosophy of mind which maintains that mental states and brain activities are identical, though viewed from two perspectives.

One example criticism against identity theory is that mental events and brain activity are not identical since we know some things about the one, but not about the other.

For example, one can experience the recollection of memories and yet not know where memories are stored in the brain.

(pp 11-17) Section 4 outlines briefly some of the crime statistics in this area.

(p18) Appendix A contains tables of crimes statistics referred to in section 4.


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