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The third type of internet addiction is Information Overload.People become obsessed with tracking down certain information and organizing it.Internet addiction among young males is higher than young females in the city.

People with this tend to make chat room relationships more important than their relationships with family or friends.

They may even try to meet someone personally after meeting him or her online.

The results indicate that perceived playfulness and descriptive norms influence online game addiction.

Furthermore, descriptive norms indirectly affect online game addiction through perceived playfulness.

These observations are from a research paper co-authored by M.

Sarada Devi and Aprajita Raj from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Prof. With 30 male respondents and an equal number of females selected at random between ages 18 and 25 using Young’s Internet Addiction Test, the research paper noted the mean Internet addiction score of men was at 54.9 as compared to 41.6 of women.

A web survey of online game players was conducted, with 1,186 valid responses collected.

Structure equation modeling – specifically partial least squares – was used to assess the relationships in the proposed research framework.

Online gaming vendors should strive to create amusing game content and to maintain their online game communities in order to enhance players' perceptions of playfulness and the effects of social influences. Download as .

Also, because satisfaction is the most significant indicator of loyalty, vendors can enhance loyalty by providing better services, such as fraud prevention and the detection of cheating behaviors.


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