Research Paper On Personality

Research Paper On Personality-7
The data collected from personality psychology can be used in neuroscience studies.

It gives a closer look into personality development and the study of life history.

It also provides models and standards in analyzing personality forms instead of personality dimensions.

The field of neuroscience has been growing rapidly and bringing more clarity in the area.

De Young wrote an article where he gives analysis of the growth of neuroscience in examining personality traits structured using a hierarchical structure.

It will also help in the identification of the fundamental behaviors that differentiate individuals.

There is a need to provide clarity when it comes to the concepts of adaptation and adjustment.

He begins by analyzing Sigmund Freud’s theory which proposes that the human personality is influenced by the experiences a human being goes through in the different stages of development.

The biological approach argues that the personality of a human being is determined genetically.

They have positive influences on each other leading to growth of healthy personalities.

This paper is an analysis of what different scholars have contributed to the study of the human personality.


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