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Disruptive behavior aside, the content of Bliss’s outburst tells me that his teacher’s primary mode of instruction is through packets. This is what made me watch this video six, seven, eight times over. I have seen my own kids’ schoolwork come home, and I have asked friends, other parents with school-age kids, and colleagues who consult in lots of schools, and nearly all of them tell me that a lot of our students’ instructional time is being spent hunched over some kind of worksheet. I want to spend some time looking at this problem from all sides: What distinguishes a “busywork” worksheet from something that delivers real value, why teaching with worksheets is usually not the best choice for learning, the reasons teachers default to worksheet teaching, and what other learning experiences would be better for our students. First we need to define what we mean by “worksheet.” Technically, a worksheet is anything printed on copier paper and given to students to write on.And since you can print just about anything on a piece of paper, we really can’t say that worksheets are good or bad. And there are plenty of instructionally rich things you can do with a worksheet: A graphic organizer is a wonderful tool for research, pre-writing, and notetaking.Okay, now let’s get something out of the way: Yes, this student was disrupting class and his behavior is disrespectful. On the other hand, we don’t know exactly what happened before the camera was turned on.

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Advanced Research Search Strategies and Techniques (pdf) A quick reference for the types of advanced searching techniques you can use in databases, the Library catalog and in search engines. Take a look at these handouts for tips and more help.

Tips for Evaluating Information (pdf) Whether a resource is print or electronic, text-based or image-based, researchers must carefully evaluate the quality of the source and the information found within.

(8 pages, includes bibliography and grading rubric)Math Worksheets (Full Index)Browse our complete collection of math worksheets.

Topics include fractions, geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, graphing, measurement, and more!

What I have gleaned about Jeff Bliss from the internet is that at the time of the video, he was an 18-year-old sophomore.

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So apparently, at some point, he had not been successful in school. For me, it makes him an even better source of information about why school isn’t working for some students. I’ve seen classrooms where teachers deliver instruction overwhelmingly through worksheets, or packets of worksheets.

They'll write about the anatomy, life cycle, and habitat of their insect.

There is also a section for students to list interesting facts.

They can also be used as recording tools alongside more active experiences: data sheets for labs, planning sheets for group projects, and so on.

In my experience, when people criticize worksheets, they are referring to a specific of worksheet, what I will call a busysheet, the kind where students are either doing work that’s fairly low-level recall stuff–filling in blanks with words, choosing from multiple-choice questions, labeling things–or work that has no educational value at all, like word searches, word scrambles, or coloring stuff in cases where coloring adds no extra layer of understanding.


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