Responsibility Assignment

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It is the relationship between these two breakdown structures - WBS & OBS - that with careful planning enable different project units to be controlled and monitored.

It also provides a visual representation of the system so that all those involved with the project understand how the project will be performed.

You can often involve those assigned with the responsibility in the discussion of who has the best skill set to perform the necessary activities.

This process will enable you as project manager to address any concerns that arise in these planning stages.

The RAM will highlight if there is more than one person involved in either of these roles and enable the project manager to clarify and identify one person.

When using the RAM technique it is critical that all involved understand the distinction between a role and a named individual.This document will be updated throughout the life of the project as issues and changes occur.The process is very similar to that performed the work breakdown structure (WBS) as it creates a hierarchical list of risks the project may or will face.For projects that involve high-levels of interaction between different organizations and departments it provides a formal procedure to tracking and monitoring project responsibilities.The communications that occur as a result of the RAM are informative and necessary allowing tasks to be completed more efficiently making the whole project team more productive.It is important to keep a strict version control of your RAM document and to ensure that it remains accurate and up-to-date throughout the project.It is often practical for complex projects to have a series of tiered RAM's that relate to different levels of work packages so that issues can be easily identified as well as ensure a common understanding of project requirements and role responsibility.This person may delegate the performance of the task to another but they are answerable for it being completed in a timely fashion and at the right level of quality.If no distinction is made between who is responsible and who is accountable for package; then it is implied that the individual accountable is also responsible for its actual delivery.Each risk is decomposed into various categories until it reaches its lowest level.At this level an action or strategy can be defined to mitigate its impact on the project.


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